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Top 5 KFC Deals You Can't Miss This Month

Top 5 KFC Deals You Can't Miss This Month

Discover KFC's top 5 deals this month, including the $4.99 Fill Up Box, Family Feast Bucket, Chicken Sandwich Combo, Tuesday 10-Piece Deal, and Kids' Meal Special. Enjoy huge savings and delicious meals with these unbeatable offers.

Don't miss KFC's top deals this month! The $4.99 Fill Up Box packs immense value and customization. The Family Feast Bucket offers six chicken pieces, four sides, and biscuits for $20, ideal for feeding groups. The Chicken Sandwich Combo is a satisfying choice, including a side and drink, rivaling other fast-food deals. On Tuesdays, the 10-Piece Deal features eight drums and thighs for just $10, practically a steal. For families, the Kids' Meal Special comes with a chicken piece, side, drink, and activity, ensuring smiles. There are more nuances to each deal that make them even more enticing.

Key Takeaways

  • Get a 9-piece bucket of chicken with sides and biscuits for around $20 in the $4.99 Fill Up Box.
  • Enjoy six pieces of chicken, four sides, and biscuits for an affordable $20 with the Family Feast Bucket.
  • Savor the Chicken Sandwich Combo with a side and drink at competitive pricing for a limited time.
  • Take advantage of the Tuesday 10-Piece Deal with eight drums and thighs for just $10.
  • Treat your kids to the Kids' Meal Special, including fried chicken, a side, drink, and an activity.

4.99 Fill Up Box

The 9-Piece Fill Up Box at KFC is a carefully curated meal option that combines affordability, convenience, and substantial portions, making it an attractive choice for those seeking a filling and budget-friendly dining experience. This meal option includes a 9-piece bucket of chicken, one medium mashed potato, one medium coleslaw, and four biscuits, totaling 5400 calories. Priced around $20, it's part of KFC's value-driven strategy aimed at attracting price-conscious consumers who prioritize both quantity and cost-effectiveness.

KFC's 9-Piece Fill Up Box excels in offering convenience and satisfaction without breaking the bank. It's particularly popular among customers who appreciate the blend of classic KFC flavors and the ability to feed a small group or family without the hassle of complicated meal preparation. The meal is customizable, allowing you to tweak certain elements to better suit different tastes and dietary preferences, reinforcing its appeal.

Available at participating KFC locations, this meal option stands out for its consistent quality and value. The strategic pricing and substantial portions guarantee that you're getting a solid deal, making it a recurrent favorite among KFC's diverse menu offerings.

Family Feast Bucket

KFC's Family Feast Bucket epitomizes value and convenience, offering a robust meal deal that caters to both budget-conscious consumers and those seeking quality dining experiences. For just $20, you get six pieces of KFC's mouthwatering chicken, four individual sides, and four extra buttery biscuits. This deal is part of KFC's revamped value menu, designed to provide affordable and high-quality meal options amidst rising inflation.

Four reasons why the Family Feast Bucket stands out:

  • Six Pieces of Chicken: Enjoy KFC's signature crispy, juicy chicken, a staple that never disappoints.
  • Four Sides: Customize your meal with choices like Secret Recipe Fries, mac & cheese, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, or sweet corn. Each side complements the main dish perfectly.
  • Buttery Biscuits: The four extra buttery biscuits add a delightful, savory component to the meal, rounding out the dining experience.
  • Affordable Price: At $20, this value meal deal offers a budget-friendly option for families and groups without compromising on quality.

The Family Feast Bucket is available for online ordering and in-store pickup, making it a convenient option for any occasion. With its competitive pricing, KFC guarantees you a satisfying meal without breaking the bank.

Chicken Sandwich Combo

When you're craving a quick and affordable meal, the Chicken Sandwich Combo offers a compelling choice with its blend of KFC's Original Recipe chicken filet, crisp lettuce, and creamy mayo on a toasted bun. This value meal, available for a limited time at participating locations, guarantees you get quality and taste without breaking the bank.

The KFC Chicken Sandwich Combo is part of KFC's revamped value menu, designed to offer more affordable meal options without sacrificing the legendary quality KFC is known for. Priced competitively with other fast-food chains, this combo includes a side and a drink, making it an attractive option for a fulfilling meal.

Chicken SandwichOriginal Recipe: chicken filet, lettuce, mayo, toasted bun
Combo InclusionsSide and drink
AvailabilityLimited time at participating locations
Ordering OptionsOnline ordering and in-store pickup

This combo's convenience is further enhanced by its availability for online ordering and in-store pickup, perfect for customers on-the-go. With the KFC Chicken Sandwich Combo, you're getting a blend of affordability and high-quality taste, making it a standout choice on the revamped value menu. Don't miss out on this limited-time deal!

Tuesday 10-Piece Deal

Turning your attention from the enticing Chicken Sandwich Combo, you'll find KFC's $10 Tuesdays offer an unbeatable value with a bucket of eight hot and juicy drums and thighs for just $10, available exclusively on Tuesdays. This deal is a temporary offer, so you'll want to take advantage of it while it lasts.

  • Cost Savings: This deal offers a roughly 50% discount compared to KFC's standard eight-piece meal, which is typically priced at $32.99, excluding drinks. With tax, tip, and fees extra, you're still getting a massive bargain.
  • Flexibility: You can order this deal online and pick it up in-store, making it convenient to grab your bucket of goodness without the wait.
  • Availability: While participating locations may vary, a quick check with your local KFC verifies you won't miss out on this fantastic offer.
  • Quality: The eight pieces include both drums and thighs, guaranteeing you get a variety of flavors and textures in every bite.

Kids' Meal Special

For families seeking a budget-friendly yet satisfying option, the Kids' Meal Special at KFC provides a balanced meal tailored specifically for younger diners. This deal is a perfect blend of value and nutrition, offering fried chicken made with KFC's famous 11 herbs and spices, a side, a drink, and an activity to keep your little ones entertained.

By opting for the Kids' Meal Special, you can save money while ensuring your children enjoy a NEW TASTE OF KFC. The meal is designed to meet the dietary needs of kids, serving up a portion size that's just right for them. It's an excellent way to introduce your children to the flavors you love without breaking the bank.

Moreover, if you're already part of KFC's loyalty program, you can earn points with each Kids' Meal Special purchase. This adds even more value to an already great deal. Pair this offer with a Family Meal, and you've got a complete dining experience that caters to everyone in the family. This special isn't just a meal, but a strategic choice for value and taste, making it an unbeatable option this month.


This month, KFC's deals are too good to pass up. Whether you're craving the value-packed $4.99 Fill Up Box or planning a feast with the Family Feast Bucket, there's something for everyone. The Chicken Sandwich Combo and Tuesday 10-Piece Deal offer unbeatable variety, while the Kids' Meal Special guarantees the little ones are happy. Remember, 'the early bird catches the worm,' so don't wait to take advantage of these offers.

You won't regret it.

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