Redragon K552 – An Affordable Mechanical Keyboard for Gamers

Redragon K552
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Are you looking for a great mechanical keyboard without breaking the bank? Look no further! This review will explore the Redragon K552, an affordable mechanical keyboard that delivers an outstanding gaming experience. We will discuss its features, performance, and comparison to other popular mechanical keyboards. Let’s dive right in!

Features of the Redragon K552

Design and Build Quality

The Redragon K552 sports a compact, tenkeyless (TKL) design, making it perfect for gamers with a smaller keyboard footprint. The sturdy metal and ABS construction ensure durability, while the raised keycaps and minimalistic design give it a sleek and modern look.

Mechanical Switches

At the heart of the Redragon K552 are the Outemu Blue switches, which provide a tactile and clicky typing experience. These switches are known for their fast actuation, making them ideal for gaming and typing alike. While they may be a bit loud for some users, they offer a satisfying and responsive feel that many gamers appreciate.

Keycaps and Customization

Redragon K552 Keycaps and Customization
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The Redragon K552 comes with double-shot injection-moulded keycaps, which offer excellent durability and clear legends that won’t fade over time. The keyboard also supports keycap customization, so you can swap out the stock keycaps for a personalized look and feel.

Backlighting Options

The Redragon K552 features customizable RGB backlighting with 18 different lighting modes and five brightness levels. It allows you to create a unique and immersive gaming experience tailored to your preferences. The keyboard also has a dedicated software suite for easy customization and control of lighting effects.

Performance and Gaming Experience

Responsiveness and Anti-ghosting

The Redragon K552 boasts a 100% anti-ghosting feature and full-key rollover, ensuring that all your keypresses are registered accurately, even during intense gaming sessions. It provides a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience, free from frustrating input lag or ghosting issues.

Durability and Reliability

Redragon K552 Durability and Reliability
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The Redragon K552 is built to withstand daily use and intense gaming sessions thanks to its robust construction. The metal and ABS materials are durable, while the gold-plated USB connector ensures a reliable connection.

Comfort and Ergonomics

While the Redragon K552 does not include a wrist rest, it’s a compact design and comfortable keycaps make for a pleasant typing experience. The keyboard also features adjustable rear feet, allowing you to find the perfect angle for your typing and gaming needs.

Comparisons with Other Mechanical Keyboards

Redragon K552 vs Corsair K68

Compared to the Corsair K68, the Redragon K552 offers a more compact design and a lower price point. While the K68 features Cherry MX switches and a dedicated wrist rest, the K552’s Outemu Blue switches and tenkeyless design make it a terrific budget-friendly alternative for gamers seeking a smaller footprint and a tactile, clicky typing experience.

Redragon K552 vs Razer BlackWidow Elite

The Razer BlackWidow Elite is a high-end mechanical keyboard with more features, such as dedicated media controls, a plush wrist rest, and Razer’s proprietary switches. However, the Redragon K552 provides an excellent gaming experience at a fraction of the cost. While the BlackWidow Elite may offer more premium features, the K552 is a fantastic option for budget-conscious gamers who prioritize performance and affordability.

Pros and Cons

  • Affordable price point
  • Compact, tenkeyless design
  • Tactile and clicky Outemu Blue switches
  • Customizable RGB backlighting
  • Durable build quality
  • No dedicated wrist rest
  • Loud key switches may not be suitable for all users
  • Lacks dedicated media controls


The Redragon K552 is an excellent choice for gamers seeking a budget-friendly mechanical keyboard without sacrificing performance. Its compact design, tactile Outemu Blue switches, and customizable RGB backlighting make it a great addition to any gaming setup. While it may lack some premium features in more expensive models, the K552 offers an outstanding gaming experience at an unbeatable price.

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Is the Redragon K552 compatible with Mac computers? 

Yes, the Redragon K552 is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. However, some function keys may not work as expected on a Mac.

Can I use the Redragon K552 for typing tasks as well? 

Absolutely! The Outemu Blue switches provide a tactile and clicky typing experience, making the K552 suitable for both gaming and typing.

Are the keycaps on the Redragon K552 swappable? 

Yes, the keycaps on the K552 are swappable. You can customize your keyboard with aftermarket keycap sets to achieve your desired look and feel.

Does the Redragon K552 come with a wrist rest? 

No, the K552 does not include a wrist rest. However, you can purchase a separate wrist rest if you require additional comfort during extended gaming or typing sessions.

Can you disable the backlighting on the Redragon K552? 

Yes, you can quickly turn off the backlighting on the K552 or adjust the brightness levels according to your preferences.

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