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Car Water Filter | Car Washing Inline Water Filter

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Key Feature

  • [Outstanding filtration] The premium resin in the filter can effectively reduce impurities, particularly water spots caused by air-dried minerals after car washing and yard cleaning.
  • [Flexible hose protector] The anti-kink flexible hose protector can prevent a water pipe from kinking, allowing water to flow more smoothly.
  • [Higher cost performance] When it comes to car washing, our inline water filter can save more money than expensive car washing in a car wash shop.
  • [Multi-scene application] This filter is very suitable for car washing, window washing, yard and fence cleaning.

Car Water Filter | Car Washing Inline Water Filter With Flexible Hose Protector.


Upgraded filtration

Our inline water filter contains high-quality resin, which can reduce harmful substances and better protect paintwork of your car.
Efficient cleaning
By means of the inline water filter, fewer water spots are formed during car washing, therefore, it saves your time for drying your car with cloth.

Flexible hose protector

The anti-kink flexible hose protector can prevent leakage, make water flow more smoothly and provide better filtration experience. It can also protect your water pipe joint from damage and extend the filter lifespan.
Economical choice
It is more cost-effective to wash your vehicle with this filter than to buy expensive car washing services.

Multiple uses

The inline water filter is smaller, lighter, and suitable for different kinds of outdoor cleaning.
Excellent compatibility
The filter can be attached to any standard 3/4” garden hose thread and pressure washer.

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