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Boba U4t Switches
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Mechanical keyboards have risen in recent years and for a good reason. They offer unparalleled performance, durability, and customization options that cater to various typing preferences. One of the critical components of a mechanical keyboard is its switches. In this article, we’ll dive into the world of Boba U4T switches and compare them to other popular switches on the market. So, buckle up, and let’s get started!

What is Boba U4T?

Boba U4T is a silent tactile mechanical switch designed and manufactured by Gazzew. Known for its smoothness and quiet operation, the U4T has gained a loyal following among mechanical keyboard enthusiasts.


The Boba U4T switch features a 62g actuation force, a tactile bump at the actuation point, and a silenced bottom-out design. This combination makes for a comfortable and quiet typing experience without sacrificing performance.


Some benefits of using Boba U4T switches include reduced typing noise, smooth tactile feedback, and increased durability. These factors make the U4T an excellent choice for office environments, shared workspaces, or any situation where quiet operation is essential.

A. Cherry MX

Cherry MX switches are among the most popular mechanical switches globally. Let’s see how the Boba U4T stacks up against two common Cherry MX variants.

Cherry MX Brown

Cherry Mx Brown

Cherry MX Brown switches offer a tactile bump similar to the U4T but with a lighter 45g actuation force. While the Browns are relatively quiet, the U4T has a more silent operation due to its silenced bottom-out design.

Cherry MX Blue

Cherry Mx Blue

Cherry MX Blue switches provide more pronounced tactile feedback and a clicky sound. They have a 50g actuation force, making them slightly heavier than the Browns. While the Blues offer a more satisfying typing experience for some, the U4T is significantly quieter.

B. Gateron

Gateron switches are another popular choice among mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. Let’s compare the U4T to two popular Gateron variants.

Gateron Brown

Gateron Brown

Gateron Brown switches have a similar actuation force of 45g and a tactile bump like the Cherry MX Brown. However, they are known for their smoother keystroke. The U4T edges out the Gateron Brown in terms of quietness due to its silenced design.

Gateron Blue

Gateron Blue

Gateron Blue switches are clicky and tactile, with a 55g actuation force. While they offer a satisfying typing experience, the U4T is quieter and more suitable for noise-sensitive environments.

C. Kail Kailh

Kailh switches are another competitor in the mechanical keyboard market. Let’s see how the Boba U4T compares to two popular Kailh switches.

Kailh Box Brown

Kailh Box Brown

Kailh Box Brown switches have a 50g actuation force and a tactile bump, similar to Cherry MX Browns. They are known for their dust and water resistance. While the Kailh Box Browns provide a slightly heavier typing experience, the Boba U4T still offers a smoother and quieter operation.

Kailh Box White

Kailh Box White

Kailh Box White switches are clicky and tactile, featuring a 50g actuation force. They also offer dust and water resistance. Although the Box Whites provide a satisfying clicky feel, the U4T remains the quieter and more office-friendly option.

Factors to consider when choosing a mechanical switch

Actuation force

The force required to actuate a key can significantly impact your typing comfort and speed. Consider the weight of the switch you prefer and how it may affect your typing experience.


Noise levels can be a crucial factor, especially in shared workspaces. If you need a quiet switch, the Boba U4T is an excellent choice due to its silenced design.


Tactile feedback can enhance the typing experience for many users. Consider whether you prefer a smooth linear switch, a tactile switch with a noticeable bump, or a clicky switch with an audible click.


The lifespan of a mechanical switch is another essential factor to consider. Boba U4T switches are known for their durability, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable typing experience.

Personalizing your keyboard with Boba U4T

One of the joys of mechanical keyboards is the ability to customize them to suit your preferences. With the Boba U4T, you can create a unique typing experience by pairing the switches with custom keycaps, modifying the springs, or even lubing the switches for a smoother feel.


In conclusion, the Boba U4T is an excellent switch for those seeking a smooth, tactile, and quiet typing experience. While it may not be for everyone, its unique features make it a solid contender against popular switches like Cherry MX, Gateron, and Kailh switches. Ultimately, the right switch for you depends on your preferences and typing needs.


Is the Boba U4T suitable for gaming?

Yes, the Boba U4T’s tactile feedback and quiet operation make it the right choice for gaming, especially for users who prefer tactile switches.

Where can I buy Boba U4T switches?

Several online retailers specialize in mechanical keyboard components and offer Boba U4T switches for purchase.

Are Boba U4T switches hot-swappable?

If your keyboard supports hot-swappable switches, you can use the Boba U4T without soldering.

Can I use the Boba U4T with any keycap set?

Yes, the Boba U4T uses the standard Cherry MX-style stem, making it compatible with most keycap sets.

Are there other silent tactile switches like the Boba U4T?

Yes, other silent tactile switches are on the market, such as Gateron or Cherry MX Silent switches. However, the Boba U4T uniquely combines smoothness, tactility, and quietness.

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