Best 65 Keyboard in 2024: The Ultimate Guide to Compact Excellence

Best 65 Keyboard

Ah, behold the era of streamlined typing! As 2024 unfolds, the realm of typing instruments indeed witnesses a transformative shift toward sleek, proficient, and strikingly elegant best 65 keyboards. Significantly, this evolution isn’t merely about reducing a few keys; rather, it’s a complete overhaul in how we input, play, and interact with our devices. Whether you’re an avid gamer seeking a competitive advantage or a professional desiring an efficient typing journey, the best 65 keyboard models of the year promise to cater to your needs.

So, sit tight and gear up as we delve into the magnificent world of 65 percent keyboards, their rise this year, and which ones you should consider adding to your arsenal. After all, isn’t life all about making the right choices? Now, let’s dig deep into what makes a 65% keyboard special and why this year is the year of compact mechanical keyboards.

The Rise of The Best 65 Keyboard

The world of keyboards has indeed seen a remarkable transformation over time, and notably, 2024 is no exception. This year has distinctly marked a substantial shift towards 65% keyboards. These compact marvels, moreover, are a testament to how the continuously evolving needs of typists, gamers, and professionals alike have paved the way for more practical and functional solutions. Consequently, let’s delve deeper and meticulously unearth the factors propelling this rise.

The Need for Compactness and Portability

In an era where work-from-home and remote setups are increasingly becoming the norm, there’s an evident demand for both efficient and portable devices. The 65% keyboard, being smaller than its full-sized and TKL counterparts, easily fits into backpacks and small desks. It’s just the right size for those on the go, making it a popular choice among digital nomads, freelancers, and even office-goers who prefer a clean, uncluttered workspace.

Features That Don’t Compromise

Despite their compact size, 65% of keyboards don’t skimp on essential features. Many of these keyboards retain the crucial arrow keys and a few functional keys that are often omitted in the even smaller 60 percent keyboard designs. With advances in keyboard layout and design, brands have managed to offer a balance of function and form, ensuring that users don’t feel like they’re missing out while enjoying the benefits of a compact board.

Customization Galore

One of the primary reasons the keyboard community is buzzing about 65% of keyboards this year is indeed the sheer level of customization they provide. Initially, hot-swap sockets allow users to change switches without soldering. Furthermore, there’s a myriad of PBT keycap choices, truly making it a tinkerer’s paradise. Additionally, the keyboard layout can often be personalized, effectively catering to the user’s unique typing habits and preferences.

Gaming Edge

Gamers have quickly realized that a more compact keyboard for gaming offers several advantages. It provides more desk space for mouse movements, and the shorter reach to essential keys can offer a split-second advantage in competitive scenarios. The rise in popularity of RGB lighting and wireless connectivity options in 65% keyboards further makes them a go-to choice for gamers looking for both aesthetics and functionality.

Affordability Meets Quality

Last but not least, the keyboards in 2024 have become more accessible than ever. With brands offering quality 65 percent keyboards at various price points, there’s something for everyone. Whether it’s a budget 65 model or a high-end custom board, users don’t need to break the bank to get a top-tier typing experience.

In conclusion, the surge in the popularity of 65% keyboards this year isn’t just a fleeting trend. It’s a testament to how brands and the community have come together to prioritize functionality, aesthetics, and user experience. As we continue to adapt to changing work and play environments, the rise of these compact beasts is indeed a sign of the times. Whether you’re a gamer, typist, or someone who’s just looking to upgrade their keyboard game, 2024 might be the perfect year to jump on the 65% bandwagon.

65% of keyboards are riding the wave of popularity in 2024, and it’s not just because of their compact size and versatility. Major and even niche brands are stepping up their game, offering models that ooze quality, functionality, and style. As we wade through the vast ocean of 65% keyboards available today, let’s spotlight some standout brands and models that are making waves.

Ducky: The Darling of Mechanical Keyboard Enthusiasts

Ducky One 2
SpecificationsDucky One 2
StructureMechanical structure
Trigger switchCherry MX mechanical switches
Connection interfaceUSB 2.0
Keycap materialABS or PBT
Output key numberUSB N-Key Rollover
Printing technologyDouble-Shot or Laser Engraved
Dimensions325 x 108 x 40 mm
Origin of productionTaiwan

Ducky, indeed a name synonymous with quality, has consistently been a frontrunner in the mechanical keyboard realm for years. Consequently, their Ducky One and Ducky One 2 series, particularly in the 65% variant, have garnered widespread accolades. This praise is due to their sturdy build, vibrant RGB lighting, and, notably, an exceptional typing experience. With their trademark PBT keycaps, these keyboards are built to last while offering an unparalleled typing feel.

Ducky One 2 SF: Indeed, this model stands as a compact powerhouse. It notably features Cherry MX switches, alongside customizable RGB lighting, and is widely renowned for its robust and durable design.

Keychron: A Wireless Revolution

Keychron K6
SpecificationsKeychron K6
Frame MaterialABS / ABS+Aluminum bezels
Keycap MaterialABS
Keycap ProfileOEM
VersionGateron / Optical / Hot-swappable
SwitchesGateron G Pro mechanical / LK optical
ConnectionBluetooth and Type-C cable
Bluetooth version5.1
Dimension317 x 107mm
WeightAbout 664g / 23.4oz

Keychron is a brand that’s been a game-changer, particularly in the wireless department. The Keychron K6 is one of their flagship 65% models that has become a staple for both typists and gamers.

Keychron K6: A notably versatile keyboard, it proudly boasts wireless Bluetooth connectivity, seamlessly hot-swappable keys, and a robust aluminum frame. It’s indeed a perfect blend of aesthetics and performance, consequently making it one of the most sought-after 65% wireless keyboards this year.

Drop ALT: A Customizer’s Dream

Drop Alt
SpecificationsDrop ALT
Frame MaterialAnodized CNC machined aluminum frame
SwitchesCherry MX, Kaihua, or Halo switches
Connection interfaceDual USB-C connectors
Dimensions with OEM keycaps12.67 x 4.41 x 1.26 in (32.2 x 11.2 x 3.2 cm), 1.57 in (4 cm) height with magnetic feet attached
Weight24.5 oz (696 g)
Number of Keys67 keys

The Drop ALT mechanical keyboard is indeed a delight for enthusiasts who adore customization. Offering hot-swap switch sockets, this 65% keyboard allows users to effortlessly interchange their switches straight out of the box, eliminating any necessity for soldering.

Drop ALT: With its customizable RGB lighting, solid aluminum frame, and a plethora of switch options, it’s a keyboard that caters to both novices and hardcore enthusiasts.

Vortexgear Cypher 65: Uncompromised Quality

Vortexgear Cypher 65


  • Wired
  • Onboard Macro
  • 6 Key Rollover
  • ANSI Layout
  • Soldered PCB
  • OEM PBT Laser Etched Keycaps
  • USB Type-C Connectivity
  • Dimension L x W x H: 31.6 x 10.6 x 4.2 cm ± 0.3
  • Weight: 900 (g) ± 10

Vortexgear, though not as mainstream as some other brands, is making significant inroads with their Cypher 65% model.

Vortexgear Cypher 65: Known for its simplicity and top-notch build quality, this keyboard delivers a seamless typing and gaming experience. Its compact size doesn’t deter it from offering a range of switch options and a top-tier typing experience.

ASUS ROG Falchion Wireless: For the Gamers

Asus Rog Falchion Wireless
SpecificationsASUS ROG Falchion Wireless
Key SwitchCherry MX RGB: Red
Cherry MX RGB: Brown
Cherry MX RGB: Blue
ConnectivityUSB 2.0 (TypeC to TypeA)
RF 2.4GHz
Actuation Force45g
LightingPer-Key RGB LEDs
AURA SyncYes
USB Report rate(USB Report rate)
1000 Hz
Dimensions305 X 101 X 38.5 mm (keyboard)
Weight520g (without cable)
Lighting Effects Hot KeysFn + Right or Fn + Left
CableDetachable braided USB cable

The ASUS ROG series has always been a favorite among gamers, and the ASUS ROG Falchion Wireless is no exception. This 65% keyboard is not just compact; it’s designed for high-octane gaming.

ASUS ROG Falchion Wireless: Features include hyperspeed wireless connectivity, a touch panel for intuitive control, and durable PBT keycaps. It really is a testament to what this year’s gaming keyboards can offer.

In wrapping up this deep dive, it’s evident that the 65% keyboard market in 2024 is bustling with options. From brands that have been stalwarts in the industry to newer entrants making their mark, there’s a 65% keyboard out there for everyone. Whether you prioritize build quality, wireless connectivity, or the sheer joy of customization, this year is a great time to explore the best that the 65% keyboard world has to offer.

Making the Most of Your 65% Keyboard: Tips and Tricks

The compact nature of 65% keyboards, while offering a minimalist and clean aesthetic, can sometimes pose challenges for those used to full-sized or even tenkeyless keyboards. But with a little knowledge and some savvy tricks up your sleeve, you can unlock the full potential of your 65% board. Here are some tips and tricks to make the most of your 65% keyboard experience.

1. Mastering Function Layers

Given their compact size, 65% of keyboards often utilize multiple function layers to access the full range of key functions.

Tip: Familiarize yourself with your board’s function key (often labeled as “Fn”). Holding down this key can give other keys an alternative function, such as accessing arrow keys or media controls.

2. Customize Keycaps for Better Efficiency

The aftermarket for keycaps has grown immensely, allowing users to choose designs and profiles that may be more ergonomic or efficient for typing.

Trick: Using differently textured keycaps for frequently used function layer keys can improve tactile recognition and speed up your typing.

3. Use Programmable Software

Many modern 65% keyboards come with software that lets you remap keys, program macros, or change lighting effects.

Tip: Take some time to explore this software. You might find that remapping certain keys to better suit your TP or gaming style can make a world of difference.

4. Keep It Clean

Small keyboards can get dirty just as easily as their larger counterparts, if not more so, due to their portable nature.

Trick: Invest in a keycap puller. Regularly removing your keycaps and gently cleaning underneath with compressed air or a soft brush can extend the life of your keyboard and improve key responsiveness.

5. Portability is Your Friend

One of the benefits of a 65% keyboard is its portability.

Tip: If you’re frequently on the move, invest in a quality protective sleeve or case. This will ensure your keyboard remains safe from knocks and scrapes during transport.

6. Hot-Swappable Switches

Some 65% of keyboards feature hot-swappable switches. This means you can change the mechanical switches without soldering.

Trick: If you’re feeling experimental, try out different switches. From linear to tactile or clicky, experimenting can lead you to your perfect TP or gaming experience.

7. Familiarize with Shortcuts

Beyond the function layer, many shortcuts are often available that can enhance productivity.

Tip: Spend some time exploring your keyboard’s manual or user guide. There may be pre-programmed shortcuts you weren’t aware of, like specific combinations for screen capturing or opening certain applications.

In conclusion, while the 65% keyboard format may seem limiting to some, it can be as versatile and efficient as any other size with the right approach. By integrating these tips and tricks into your routine, you’ll be well on your way to making the most of your tight keyboard companion.

The Future of Compact Keyboards: What to Expect

The keyboard landscape is ever-evolving, with advancements in technology driving innovation and shaping user preferences. As we delve into the growth and dominance of this year’s 65% keyboards, it’s only natural to wonder what lies ahead. Drawing on industry insights and emerging trends, here’s a glimpse into the promising future of consolidated keyboards.

1. Increased Integration of AI and Machine Learning

The application of AI and machine learning in keyboards might seem a bit futuristic, but it’s closer than you think!

Prediction: Keyboards will become smarter, capable of analyzing users’ typing habits, and suggesting key remappings or shortcuts that align with their specific use patterns, enhancing productivity.

2. Enhanced Customization Capabilities

As users increasingly look for personalized experiences, manufacturers will aim to meet these demands.

Forecast: Expect more keyboards with modular designs, allowing users to swap out individual components, such as switch plates or even the keyboard layout itself. This brings a whole new dimension to the “custom keyboard” concept.

3. Sustainability Comes to the Forefront

The tech industry has been under scrutiny for its environmental impact. In response, keyboard manufacturers will likely prioritize sustainability.

Projection: Anticipate a rise in eco-friendly keyboards made of recycled materials or designed for longevity to reduce electronic waste.

4. Evolution in Wireless Technology

Wireless keyboards aren’t new, but there’s plenty of room for innovation in terms of battery life, connectivity, and lag reduction.

Insight: As wireless charging becomes more ubiquitous, we might soon see 65% of keyboards that can be charged on standard pads, offering an effortless charging solution.

5. Tactile Feedback and Adaptive Typing

There’s something satisfying about the tactile feedback from mechanical switches. But what if keyboards could adapt in real time to your typing?

Prediction: Keyboards that can adjust the tactile feedback based on what you’re doing (e.g., softer presses for typing and firmer ones for gaming) could soon be on the horizon.

6. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) Integration

As AR and VR become more mainstream, there’s potential for keyboard integration, especially for gaming.

Speculation: Imagine keyboards with built-in AR elements, enhancing the gaming atmosphere, or even virtual keyboards that provide a tactile experience in a VR environment.

7. More Inclusive Designs

Tech inclusivity has been gaining traction, and rightfully so.

Outlook: Expect to see more compact keyboards designed with inclusivity in mind, catering to a wider range of users, including those with disabilities or different typing preferences.

To wrap it up, the journey of packed keyboards is far from over. The coming years promise innovation that will make these keyboards even more efficient, user-friendly, and integral to our tech-driven lives. Whether you’re a seasoned mechanical keyboard enthusiast or someone just diving into the world of compact keyboards, there’s undoubtedly a lot to look forward to.

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